Where did you say?

Forty-seven of the islands of trats coastline belong to a national park named after Ko Chang (Elephant Island), which at 492 sq km is the second-largest island in Thailand after Phuket. The entire park officialy encompasses 192 sq km of land surface and 498 sq km of sea. Ko Chang itself is about 70 % undisturbed island rainforest - the best preserved in Thailand and perhaps in all Southeast Asia - with steep hills and cliffs reaching as high as the 744m-high Khao Jom Prasat.
(Lonely Planet)

Ko Chang is the new touristic hotspot in Thailand and is developing fast. One of the must see places is Bang Bao, a fishing village in the South of the island. This village is build on the water and offers seafood restaurants, markets and is the main hub for all boat activities. It is great to see how tourism and village life on the pier go well together.

Bang Bao also has a wonderful enchanting beach, Just a 15 minute walk from the pier or a 3 minute motorbike drive. Spectactular view and great swimming...
Bang Bao fishing village
Koh Chang, in the east of the gulf of Thailand, close to the Cambodjan border.


Wet and warm
from July to september/october with temperatures above 30 Celsius.
Cool and dry
from november to januari with temperatures around 30 Celsius.
Hot and dry
from februari to June with temperatures above 30 Celsius.